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'3/26 Wednesday at 7pm:Talk about Life Transformation 

with Jessie May, Host of Sunny Side Up Radio'

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Jessie May (a native to Montreal) is an Inspirational Speaker, Celebrated Creative Visionary Life Coach, and HeartRise Meditation teacher in Los Angeles, where she has been leading her signature Heart-centered workshops, Creative Visionary programs, and facilitating transformation for hundreds of people over the last 5 years. Host of ‘Sunny Side Up’ radio, an internationally acclaimed show, her contagious, loving energy impacts people in a powerful way, awakening hearts with purpose and passion.

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"Thanks, Jossi. You helped me get through what could've been a major meltdown. When you showed me what's really going on, I could get on with it and saved me money and grief!" Natasha R.- Denver

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About: Jossi has an M.A. in psychology. She supervised and trained therapist trainees and worked in the mental health system with adults, families and children,  and teens for many years. 

Jossi also has a deep passion for promoting humanitarian values and works for the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles as a tour guide. She wants to educate visitors on the importance of being active promoters for tolerance and care for other human beings, no matter their race, culture, or religion.

Jossi also conducts workshops for students and organizations. The topics include relationships, empathy development, meditation in everyday life, and healthy social and work connections.

Jossi is also a life and spiritual adventurer who has learned from different cultures and put all her training and experiences together to help people with her unique approach to wholeness, health, and happiness. Her approach is a combination of psychology, east/west spirituality, shamanism, and the rational intellect.

Come, my friends, be entertained and participate! Email me, Jossi, your questions about life, advice, love, spiritual work, relationships, travel, and many other topics and I will answer you on air and by email! 

I will discuss current affairs, psychology, cook organic healthy food and share the recipe, have guests on healthy life style, food, dreams, and healing. 

We will make home remedies and teas, and use dream analysis, alternative healing,  guided visualization meditation to experience powerful and amazing healing! 

I will look into alternative healing methods and share what I discover and find fascinating with you! We will list recipes or any other details from the show on this web site. 

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Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, give useful and interesting information, learn, entertain our fans, change lives, and just plain have fun. I am excited to be able to bring to my listeners who are also all my friends and companions in this journey, the philosophy and approach that truly changes people's lives for the better! Live a magical incredible life with us!